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What's new at PtoL HQ — 6th September 2018


Hello everyone! So for our first blog post it's probably best to start by introducing ourselves. We are Cristina and Becky and we are Paper to Lace. We both started our careers working in costume for film and theatre and then after several musings of "oh, wouldn't it be nice to have our own business making wedding dresses..." we finally did it.

We have been making bespoke gowns for the past 3 years and have been quietly working away on our own collection of made-to-order in the background. We still love making bespoke, its so much fun to have a bride come to us with her own unique idea of what she wants to wear on her wedding day and every single one so far has been very different from the next. We've made a yellow beaded feathery one, a gold spectacular met ball inspired one, and one very recently was made using a vintage blouse belonging to the bride's great grandmother! (That was actually really scary to cut. Post-work cocktails were required that day. We may do another blog post describing the sweats in more detail.) Everything is made by us in our east London studio by our own fair hands.


This has been a busy summer for us making bespoke dresses, meetings with our brides for 2019 getting underway and designing/making/shooting pieces for our new collection. We are planning to launch the range in 3 stages. The first part has our iconic Stevie dress carrying forward from a previous range we made. It has been quite popular so we couldn't leave her behind. And we made her a skirt companion too! We love the idea of a bride still being able to have some input in her look for the day which is why we've made a range which is going to focus on separates as well as dresses. This gives you the opportunity to mix'n'match with tops and skirts so you can style your individual look.


Whats next for PtoL? We are currently working on getting the website ready so you can order directly, hopefully this will be the end of September! And also getting Collection Stage 2 ready to launch early autumn. Exciting times ahead. Don't forget to sign up to our mailing list to get all the latest updates on the new collection, what we are listening to in the studio and cool things that are inspiring us!