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The tradition of wearing hats at Weddings originated from etiquette surrounding covering ones hair in Church. The Anglican Church traditionally suggested women should have their heads covered in Church, whilst men, wearing top hats were expected to remove their hats as they entered the building.

Throughout the Victorian period hats were worn not just for formal events but as part of everyday life, it would be considered most unbecoming to be seen out and about with your head uncovered.

Edwardian and Victorian hats came in a myriad of sizes and styles, they were often adorned with feathers, fruit, and even decorative birds and were seen as an opportunity to show off. Some were very elaborate and signified wealth and status in a similar way to the hats worn nowadays at Ascot.

Whilst the fashion to wear hats everyday gradually waned throughout the 20th century the idea of adding a hat or headpiece to complete an outfit for special occasions has endured.

They are still a common feature for wedding guests and for the Mother of the Bride.

The veil became part of the Bridal look in Europe during the medieval period, a tradition brought back by The Crusades.

The veil was worn by the Bride, as a sign of modesty, innocence and virtue as she walked down the aisle and then lifted in the ceremony to reveal her face to her new husband.

Orange blossom wreaths were often worn on top of the veil, which is thought to be the origin of tiaras and flower crowns.

Over the years as much of the original significance of these items has diminished, a lot of the tradition still remains. As Weddings became less formal and hairstyles became more of a feature, smaller items like combs, clips and subtle headbands developed in contrast to large hats and full veils.

Modern brides and guests have a whole range of options to chose from when deciding what to wear on their heads (if anything at all!)

We have designed our collection to compliment modern tastes and the variety of ways a Bride can now chose to dress on her wedding day.

For every decade in our collection we have tried to represent a range of sizes and styles of headpieces, which, although inspired by the past perfectly suit the present.

Because we design and create all our pieces by hand we are able to tailor our pieces to the individual requirements of our customers. For example, if you've seen a piece you love, that we've made in white but that you would like making for your bridemaids to match the colour of their dresses, then let us know.

Alternatively many of our pieces feature reproduction vintage clasps and brooches and some original pieces, if you would like one of our items swapped out to be replaced by, perhaps a piece of heirloom jewellery from a relative, this is easily possible and a lovely way to personalise an item or to remember someone who has passed away. Similarly we can often incorporate a piece of lace, silk, or a button or other item taken off a mother or grandmother's wedding dress.