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The 1920s were the start of a dramatic new era for women, now free of their corsets they were dancing straight towards postwar modernity. Clean lines were decorated with luxurious finishings, designs were innovative in their simplicity and their elegance. Skirt hems were rising, necklines and waistlines were lowering and the silhouettes were straightening out. Precious metals, pearls and feathers were adorning velvets and crépes de Chine; fur-trimmed capes, heavily beaded silks and fringed shawls were all the rage, like a scene from one of Gatsby's great parties.

New styles of hats and headwear evolved to suit the changing hairstyles. From the simple bob and shingle came the cloche hat and feathered headband.

For the collection we were influenced by the organic forms and shapes of the Art Nouveau movement. It was popularised by artists at the time such as Alphonse Mucha and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. To reflect this we used soft laces and natural feathers accented with hand beading.
We also drew inspiration from the Art Deco style, using geometric motifs, mixed metals and heavy embellishments.