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The rise of Hollywood became a whole new source of inspiration for a decade of women wishing to emulate the stars of the silver screen. A distinctive look for the era was the bias cut dress that softly skimmed the body and showed off the figure more than ever before. Designers like Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel were inspired by the influx of Exoticism and the Far East that had become newly accessible to the public through department stores like Liberty and Co. which stocked artefacts and trinkets from far flung corners of the earth. This trend was also prevalent in the Movies, as the lavish sets and costumes gave eager audiences a glimpse into the exotic.

Daywear became more economical, sober and functional and so accessories allowed women to maintain that glamorous touch. Hats became smaller as hair became higher. Sophisticated hats which were flatter with a lower crown and jauntily perched, perfectly accentuated the new elegant upswept hairstyles.

When designing this collection, we kept in mind the more structured shapes with details of veiling, feathers and clusters of roses. Our other more delicate pieces compliment the sleek waved hairstyles popular at the time, featuring decorative beading and embellishment that continue the Deco theme.