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Once again war changed the face of fashion, bringing unity and functionality; in the face of adversity it became a morale booster and further supported the female emancipation. As they took on occupations that were previously dominated by men, publications like Vogue encouraged women to feel smart and sophisticated in their new uniforms. While fabrics and designs were modest due to rationing, emphasis was again on accessories to transform the limited wartime fashion. The new trend for rolled hairstyles brought angular hats to match, such as straw boaters with ribbons and veils, berets and perchers trimmed with feathers. As quoted in one particular issue of Vogue, the hat was suggested "to lift your spirit and those of all beholders with a frivolous flower disk clapped over the forehead"

We were inspired by the use of hats as escapism from wartime woes, focussing our designs on roses, lillies, pearls and soft elegant veiling, whilst using structured bases and folded velvet bows to maintain the tailored shapes. Our 40s collection contains more coloured pieces to reflect the many brides who, limited by rationing, married in alternative fabrics and colours beyond the traditional white and ivory.