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Towards the end of the 1940s after the war had ended, Christian Dior's "New Look" ushered in a phase of post-austerity escapism with dramatic silhouettes and ultra-feminine designs. The 1950s brought about a return of the couture houses and with them came the structured new shapes with corseted bodices , waspish waists and big voluminous skirts. Fabrics were luxurious with rich satins and expensive laces. Fashion was looking back once again to the romanticism and traditional femininity of the earlier part of the century.

Fashion during this time became more accessible due to the boom in industry after the war, with styles of hats and accessories growing more available and varied.
As hairdressers became more affordable, extravagant hairstyles became de rigour and hat styles evolved to compliment them. Combs and close-fitting caps that covered the back of the head and were often adorned with bows, clusters of feathers and flowers were particularly well suited for this new trend.
Remaining popular throughout the decade were large brimmed picture hats, Bretons and turbans.

We were really inspired by the shift from headpieces that complimented simple dos like the 20s bob, into pieces that became part of the new more elaborate styles . We have sculpted feathers and lace to subtly mirror any hairstyle. Soft fabrics and feminine bows recalled the romantic Belle Epoque era that was a big influence in the 50s.