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The youthful pop attraction of the 60s brought a whole new change to fashion, the sexual revolution was in full swing and fashion was fun and exciting again.
The space race was the hottest topic and permeated all parts of modern culture, the invention of plastic and new fabrics inspired the industry to create futuristic space-age looks.
The decade split into many themes and styles including the polished looks of Jackie Kennedy with her chic two-piece suits and co-ordinating pillbox hats to the emergence of hippie culture and its free-spirited flower crowns and headbands. Many of the styles of headpieces from the late 50s were still popular into the beginning of the decade with its pretty and romantic feel, but were becoming sleeker and more refined with a nod to the modern age.

We were influenced by the iconic daisy shape, both in the hippie inspired flower crowns and daisy chains, as well as the plastic sequins used for a chic pop look.