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Collection 01.

Designing our first collection was never going to be an easy task, not for lack of ideas, but because we had far too many!

We love making bespoke dresses for our brides and over the years it's meant coming across lots of ideas and fabrics that have inspired us and led to a lot of "this would make one hell of a cape" or "this would be perfect for a glam rock bride" and "what about this for a Mer-bride" and so on, until it was time to take all these ideas and actually begin to distil them into a coherent collection right for our brand (no Mer-bride yet though....)

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Our collection is a mix of 'oldies but goodies' that we still love, things we've been mulling over for a while and a couple of fresh new things that appeared organically during the design process.Starting with our heroines, The Stevie Dress and Stevie Skirt, named of course after the legendary Stevie Nicks who is a constant inspiration, but especially for this look. We designed the Stevie Dress a long time ago for one of our very first photo shoots and have always loved it, so we had to keep her.
We wanted this new collection to feature separates, giving brides the opportunity to mix'n'match their looks to create something unique so it seemed only natural for us to design the new Stevie Skirt with just as much volume and pom-pom joy as the original dress, but with the opportunity to style it in various ways.

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Next up is the I Feel Love Skirt. Inspired by Donna Summer and the disco queens of the 1970s, it's made of acres of fabulous metallic gold-striped silk chiffon ready for spinning and shimmering on the dancefloor! Please proceed immediately to our Instagram to see a slow-mo video of this in all it's glory. Trust us, it will make your day.Our Camisoles and Slip Dresses were designed to be as clean and versatile as possible. They are made from bias-cut silk creating an incredible silhouette either paired with one of our new skirts or all on their own. Available in different lengths, fabrics and back shapes, they can also be made in any colour so you can really customise your look. Made from 100% silk, they are luxurious and feel incredible against the body.This is the first phase of Collection 01 and we have many more accompanying pieces to come later. We will be expanding our range of Camisoles and Slip Dresses, as well as an exciting range of capes and kimonos. (Ps, the I Feel Love skirt has a Silver Sister en route...!)


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