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1. How long does it take to have a bespoke dress made?

This does depend on the design, so we work it out on a case by case basis. As general rule the minimum is 9 months. Often our brides come to us earlier in the process which is great as it creates more opportunities to find the perfect fabric, and allows you plenty of time to reflect on the design and be sure you are happy. Contact us if your wedding is in less than 6 months as we can (and have!) done it on a shorter time frame.

2. How much does it cost to have a bespoke dress made?

This really depends on the style you go for. Based on previous bespoke dresses, the average cost is between £3000-£5000. We can propose a rough quote by discussing your requirements or looking at a mood board of your ideas. A more specific quote is then created once we agree on a hand sketched design. The final design will determine how long it will take to make, and the type and quantity of fabric required. Which will inform the final price.

3. How do I pay for my bespoke dress?

We start with a free initial consultation to discuss your ideas. Then we will sketch some designs for you. For this we take a £250 commitment-free fee. Then once you are happy with the design, we can generate an estimate cost and take a 30% deposit which will get the pattern and toile process started. The next payment is after the first toile fitting and then the final payment is in time for collection. If you'd like to structure your payments differently, contact us to discuss.

4. Can I make changes throughout the bespoke process?

The purpose of bespoke is that you are able to get the perfect dress, often this means making changes and adaptations to the design as it comes to life.
If you want to make a significant change that was not part of the original design it may incur an additional cost beyond what was quoted. For example if it requires purchasing extra fabric or will take longer to construct.
We see you for fittings throughout the process so we can stay up to date with any potential changes and will always make you aware of any adjustments to the agreed quote.

5. I know I want a bespoke dress, but I don't know where to start with ideas for the design.

No problem at all! That's what we are here for. We recommend starting with something like a Pinterest board where you can save images of anything you have seen that inspires you. It might be just a single feature like the neckline, or the way the fabric of the skirt flows or perhaps the colour. Don't just look at wedding dresses, have a look at red carpet fashion, or perhaps movies for inspiration. Also, your own wardrobe can be really useful, is there a dress you love wearing and you feel a million dollars in? What is it you like about it? These are great resources for us getting to know your style too, so we can design something that suits you perfectly.

6. I have my Nana's vintage wedding dress, are you able to incorporate it into my dress somehow? Do you work with vintage fabrics?

Absolutely we do! We love it when we get to re-imagine something which means something special to you. Whether it is just a button, or using some of the fabric, we think it's such a wonderful thing to do. Check out our real brides Helen and Ruth both of whom wanted to use fabric of their grandmothers' to make into their dresses. We also had a special task last year of turning Nadia's mothers christening gown into a flower girl dress for her own daughter. It was wonderful for us to be able to do this for her! Please get in touch if you have something you would like us to incorporate into your outfit.

7. How long will it take for a piece from your Made-to-Order collection to arrive?

Every piece in our collection is made to order to ensure minimum waste. We generally advise 6-12 weeks for standard sizes. If we are customising a piece for you in some way this may add on a little extra time, so we recommend 12-14 weeks. But do get in touch as this can often be done in less. For rush orders, extra fees may apply.

8. How will I know if the collection piece will fit me?

We base our pieces on a set of standard dress pattern sizes. However we will happily make pieces in any size. If you think you might be between sizes contact us to discuss adapting a piece to fit your shape. Our range of separates make it easy to mix and match if you are different sizes in tops and bottoms. We understand all brands have different size charts nowadays. If you come for a fitting session at our studio we are happy to take your measurements so you know which Paper to Lace size you are or feel free to contact us if you have any other questions about sizing.

9. If I fall between your standard sizes, can I have something Made-to-Measure?

Of course! As a small business we are only able to have a small selection of sizes on the go. But we can discuss having one of the pieces made to your measurements. Depending on the style, the changes required can vary, so get in touch and we can send you a quote.

10. I really like some of the pieces in your Made-to-Order collection, can I change the fabric though?

Absolutely! Everything has been designed so that you can customise it to suit. Whether that's changing the fabrics, colours or tweaking the design to have longer sleeves or a train. Get in touch to discuss your ideas, we love making something unique!

11. Does it cost more to customise a piece from your Made-to-Order collection?

This depends on what changes you want to make. For example, some silks are more expensive than others so that might be a small increase. Or if you wanted to change an element of the design (sleeves, train, neckline etc) then we would need to add on a fee for the extra fabric, and extra time. Please contact us to find out more.

12. I don't know very much about fabrics, what's the difference between crepe and satin?

If you would like to know more about the fabrics we use and how they feel, we can send you a sample pack of up to 3 swatches of your choosing. This would be £6.95 including P&P.

13. Can I have a refund?

Unfortunately all our products are made from scratch for your order so we are unable to offer refunds, please contact us to arrange a visit to our London studio if you would like to try one of our samples before ordering

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