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Do I Want To Wear A Veil?

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This is one of the most debated questions for our brides; do I want a veil?
For a lot of people, a veil can feel a bit too "bridey", which we totally understand. It's why we market ourselves towards the alternative brides; those who want to buck the trends and ditch the old traditions.
But we can't dent they can look fabulous. What most often happens in our studio, is a bride comes in to discuss their outfit and at some point we will ask if they have any thoughts about if they want to wear a veil, how they might want to have their hair, etc. It's an important part of the design process to make sure everything works well together. If, for example you'd decided on a low back dress but also wanted a veil, we would be looking to create one that will still show off that beautiful backless feature at its best. Or, if the dress has some lace or beading detail, we can use that as a trim for the veil so it all matches perfectly.
However, very often a bride will say that they aren't sure about a veil, not convinced it's really their style or what they had imagined for their look...but then they try one on. It can be a total game changer to the outfit. It adds another level of drama that can only be achieved on a bridal look. Because let's face it, we still haven't been able to make it acceptable to wear veils for any other occasion. When else would you get to wear a veil?
One of the points worth adding to the Pro's list is the fact that you can take it out, so you don't have to wear it for the whole day. Most of the bespoke brides we have made veils for were also wearing a headpiece of some kind. What we do with these is sew on some strategically placed poppers so that the two things can be attached for the start of the day, and then whether it's straight after the ceremony, or in the middle of dancefloor madness, the veil can be easily removed while keeping the (obviously fabulous) headpiece in place! Best of both worlds. Enough time to waft around with the veil, and then switch up the look for later in the day.
The old rooted history of the veil doesn't need to have any space on your wedding day. A veil today is so much more than that now. It's a super cool and fun accessory that can really pull the whole outfit together. Have some fun, make it your own, it's totally up to you.
Get in touch to discuss your ideas and maybe try a few on! It's the only way to know for sure... x

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