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Feature Veils

It's been a pretty busy summer of weddings and while we wait for all the lovely photographs of our bespoke brides to start coming through we wanted to take a moment to talk about veils. We made a custom version of our Lady Stardust veil for Jess (blog piece coming soon!) and the way it captured the light was so stunning it got us thinking about how a veil can be a really fun feature element of a bridal outfit.

So often when we have those first design meetings with our brides, when we ask if they want to wear a veil or headpiece they are quite unsure and don't really think they want to wear one. But then they try one on...and something changes! All of a sudden the outfit is transformed!

While a veil is no longer the virginal symbol it once was, it is much more than just an accessory. A veil can create drama and can create really dynamic photos.

The Lady Stardust veil has hand-appliquéd stars falling down from the top of the veil in a gorgeous dirty gold tone and studded with pearls. It looks amazing against all hair colours and is perfect for adding a slightly different colour without it being too distracting.


Oh! You Pretty Thing features hand appliquéd flowers all around the edge which fade up into smaller petals around the shoulders. It feels bohemian with its 1970's inspired style but is a perfect way to add lace without it being too fussy.


The Modern love veil features little sequin flowers all around the edge in a cool white tone. It's a great way to add some extra detail without it being too bold or distracting.


The Moonage Daydream headpiece is covered in the sequin daisies like the veil, and has a small birdcage veil just covering the face. Very chic but still fun, this would be great for a city wedding or vintage inspired wedding.


The Moonage Daydream veil is super fun with its sequin daisies neatly on the comb at the top. It's got a cute 60s vibe but with a cool modern edge.

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