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Should I Wear A Cape On My Wedding Day?

Firstly, an emphatic yes! You absolutely should.

We hate to disagree with The Incredibles' Edna Mode but, "Yes Capes!"

A cape can be a great alternative to a veil. You might not fancy a veil or maybe it doesn't work with how you're planning on having your hair, but you feel like you're missing a bit of aisle-walking drama?
The cape has got your back (...literally)
Much like its sister, the veil, full length capes don't get much everyday wear. So a bold floor sweeping cape can easily elevate a look into something a bit more special and out of the ordinary.
A cape can help transform your outfit from day to night . You might have chosen a dress you loved cause of its clean lines and elegant simplicity, but now you want a little bit of something else, a splash of pattern, or different texture and this is where a cape comes in as it can add an element without totally covering up that beautiful dress or being a distraction from your silhouette.

It doesn't have to be massive either. An elbow length cape is a perfect way of adding a little extra detail. It covers your shoulders, which some Churches require, and warms you against pesky UK chills, but then you can just take it off, and easy peasy you have a 'new' look without it for the reception.
Or pick a cape that comes out specifically to party.Do the daytime in your beautiful outfit as it is, then transform your outfit from day to night bythrowing on your disco cape and swirl around the dance floor giving it full Kate Bush arms in caped joy!
They swirl....they swoop....sometimes they're fringed....!!!

What would Wonder Woman do?

See below for some of our celebrity cape inspiration and photos from bespoke bride Camilla in her awesome crepe minidress and matching cape combo. You can also check out our Chiffon cape, Cloudbusting Cape and Moonage Capelet from our Made to Measure collection.

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