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Camellia's cape


Camellia came to us last year with an incredible idea for her wedding gown and we were really excited to get going and start making it for her. But after much deliberation she realised she didn't want a floor length dress; it's a style she never wears and knew she wouldn't feel comfortable on the day. So we sat down for a coffee and had a chat while she showed us a reference for a simple shift dress with a fun collar based on a couple of items she already owned and loved wearing.


This new style however, did not lend itself to the hat and veil in the original design. So cautiously, we offered up a wild card alternative...

"Instead of a veil, what about a cape...?"

"yes!" Camellia replied. "I had thought about it and thought you would think I was mad!"

Hooray!! All of a sudden this had gone from being an incredible dress to an AWESOME outfit!


We kept it clean and simple in all silk crepe and made sure that every element of it was in a natural fibre. From the cotton threads and cotton backing fabrics to the bamboo/silk lining and even cotton shoulder pads, this way Camellia would be able to dye the whole outfit after the wedding so she can wear it again and again!

We look forward to doing a follow up article when she has dyed it and worn it to another wedding...

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