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The Mackenzie Dress

mackenzie dress full shot leaning pmackenzie dress hands in pockets pmackenzie dressmackenzie dress full front shot pmackenzie dress couple walking pmackenzie dress groom holding bride pmackenzie dress couple standing pmackenzie sitting p

Who's that girl...? The Mackenzie! Named after the wonderful photographer, Kirsty Mackenzie, who commissioned us to make it for a shoot. Made from silk organza, with embroidered polka dots, it's fun, it's cool, it's flirty. And it has pockets!
Perfect for the registry office, a micro wedding, or just straight up dancefloor attire.

All of our pieces can be fully customised, so if you wish to discuss alternative fabric/colour options, or maybe even design tweaks, just get in touch.

Made from 100% silk (including lining)


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